Apr 072021

Over the years, it has often been asked whether there should be 1,031 languages in the contract or an endorsement to the contract for the sale of abandoned and replacement goods. An addendum 1031 generally clearly indicates the intention to make a 1031 exchange, to allow the assignment and to inform the other party that there is no cost or liability associated with the exchange. Sometimes there is a “language of cooperation” that indicates that both sides will work with a 1031 exchange. However, concerns have been expressed about the need for such an endorsement. However, it is important that the contracts for the sale and sale of both assets be refundable. To structure a typical exchange transaction, 1031 Exchange Place must be assigned as the seller of the abandoned property and also as a buyer of the replacement property. A exchangeor should check the contract to confirm that they are not prohibited from assigning their position as a “seller” or “buyer” to a qualified intermediary. If a typical 1031 exchange is initiated, qualified intermediation is displayed on the settlement statement as a seller instead of the Exchangors/seller. EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS PREPARED: Send a copy of the sales contract to Legal 1031. Legal 1031 will prepare the 1031 exchange documents necessary for the sale of the sold property.

If the proceeds of the sale are not used to purchase a replacement property, this amount must be identified in the exchange documents and this amount may be taxable. To determine the intention to make a 1031 exchange, the Exchangor must meet the language requirements for the award of 1031 for the purchase and sale contract. The language is not necessary at the time of the sale, but it must be included in the contract or endorsement at the time of purchase, as the rights are not transferred to the intermediary when the contract is concluded. Exchange Accommodator Titleholder Language for a Reverse Exchange in Florida In an exchange for reverse or delayed improvement in Florida, When the Exchange Accommodator Titleholder takes over ownership of the abandoned or replacement property, the following language must be inserted into the purchase and sale contract in accordance with the Florida Department of Revenue, Technical Assistance Adviserment No. 05B4-006 and FDR TAA No. 07M-001, in order to avoid payment of the transfer or trademark. In addition, the Eed warranty parking of the property with the EAT should reflect the Florida Department of Revenue TAAs.


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