Apr 122021

In each service contract, you are interested in agreeing on the following details: In addition, an ALS can be reviewed with less administrative burden than a contract. While contracts are usually renewed after one year or more, you can review ALS quarterly, depending on performance or prior agreement between the two parties. Agreement on service delivery is always necessary, but it is not necessarily a long document. The golden rule is to keep paper production to a minimum that will achieve your goals. Customers from certain industries who offer simple services on the basis of employment, manage with very simple service level agreements Sometimes the simplest part is to win a big contract. Responding and impressing your customers is the real challenge. For this reason, you need to invest in resources that can help you manage compliance. These resources can be additional technicians (we`ve already mentioned that recruiting more administrators isn`t the best way to increase profits), using more advanced tools for them, and software to support your new growth. By investing in technology, you can create a support network for your existing employees.

It will also contribute to their satisfaction. New challenges and the opportunity to learn new skills make everything go well behind the scenes. If you`re reading this, you probably know what ALS is, but to make sure we`re all on the same page, let us go through a simple definition of ALS: an ALS is part of a contract between a service provider (i.e..dem a maintenance and security company) and a customer (for example. B.dem office building management team) in which the supplier accepts a certain level of service or standard. They often come with financial penalties for non-compliance, so they are certainly not a joke, especially for a growing business. If the fire and safety company has agreed that downtime on an asset does not exceed 12 hours, they must comply and send technology to address it on time. In this case, reports and analyses are your best friends. Your software is essential for this part, as it is almost impossible for a person to follow hundreds of tasks, and technicians will then aggregate the information to write a full report. In addition, a service provider and a client have different priorities, different KPIs and therefore different indicators to measure success. You can see why a good manager doesn`t solve the problem. Before you invest in new software for fire safety system agreements, take the time to analyze the impact of your reporting tool. There is incredible marketing potential to present these analyses to potential customers.

Your work is the best business recommendation of all. This could be an extreme situation, but any offence carries a penalty. Often, it is the cost of downtime that the customer suffers. If z.B. employees cannot enter a building for a day because the security scanning system cannot open the doors, the customer causes a few thousand business losses, perhaps more depending on size and industry.


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