Apr 122021

About 150,000 Indonesians tested positive for Covid-19, with deaths of 6,500 on August 22, Johns Hopkins showed data from the University. Bio Farma will increase its production capacity by the end of the year from about 100 million currently to 250 million doses, the company said. The Covid 19 vaccine concentrate requires a series of tests and must be registered with the Indonesian Food and Drug Surveillance Agency prior to mass production. Not only will the system filter authorized receptors, but it will also serve as an independent government implementation application that represents the supply and distribution of vaccines. Health Minister Putrant told Parliament last week that the two immunization programs will require about 246 million doses of vaccine. The country is also developing its own Merah Putih vaccine, named after the colors of the Indonesian flag. By January, an additional 1.8 million doses of jabs are expected to be sent to Indonesia, followed by raw materials that produce 30 million doses of the vaccine in the same month. JAKARTA (BLOOMBERG) – Indonesia has signed an agreement with China`s Sinovac Biotech for 50 million doses of Covid 19 vaccine concentrate, which will allow the state-to-state BIO Farma to produce doses on site. As part of the study, each volunteer receives two shots.

Half of them would be injected with the vaccine candidate, while the other half would receive a placebo, and they would not be informed until March of what they received. Police and military personnel also monitor vaccines at headquarters. President Joko Widodo said he was grateful for the arrival of the vaccines. The Covid 19 vaccine concentrate requires a series of tests and must be registered with the Indonesian Food and Drug Surveillance Agency prior to mass production. Huang Bouey welcomes the collaboration between Bio Farma and Sinovac and notes that while Sinovac needed the help of Bio Farma to recruit volunteers for the vaccine candidate`s trials, the Indonesian company can benefit from the technology transfer. Sinovac will ship the concentrate in five equal stages between November and March, vaccine manufacturer Bio Farma said in a statement on Saturday ( August 22nd). BEIJING–BUSINESS WIRE-Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (NASDAQ: SVA) (“Sinovac” or “the company”), a leading supplier of biopharmaceutical products in China, announced today that it has signed two agreements in Hainan, China, with PT Bio Farma, a leading biopharmaceutical company in Indonesia, for the supply, local production and technology license for coronavac Indonesian Foreign Minister S.E. Retno LP Marsudi and Indonesian Minister of State Enterprise, S.E.

Erick Thohir, attended the signing of the two agreements. In addition to Sinovac Biotech`s vaccines, Indonesia is also working with U.S. drug manufacturer Pfizer, Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the global vaccine program COVAX. The production of a safe and effective vaccine is part of Indonesia`s pandemic campaign, as the number of infections in the country exceeds 540,000 – the highest in Southeast Asia. It is now stored at Bio Farma in special coolers in a room with a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. According to the BPOM, the vaccine should be at least 50% effective.


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