Apr 122021

Everything that is relevant to the relationship between the partners is part of the agreement. Arbitration-related aspects (in the event of a dispute between them), etc., will also be part of the agreement. (b) partners have the right to participate equally in the profits made and contribute equally to the losses incurred by the company; If the partners agree, the partner can receive an agreed remuneration. The partnership agreement defines the relationship in which partners must share the profits and losses of the business each year. The salaries to be paid to the partners, the profits to be shared between the partners, the capital interest, the subscription interest, etc., must be decided on the basis of the agreement reached between the partners (i.e. on the basis of the partnership agreement). If the profit margin agreement is silent, the partners in this case share the benefits and losses in the same proportion. In the absence of an agreement between the partners, a partner is not entitled to pay interest on subscriptions. c) When a partner is entitled to interest on the subscribed principal, these interest is payable only from profits, in the absence of information on the payment of interest to the partners` parents and on the interest rate, interest of 6% per year must be paid.

It is therefore necessary to ensure compliance with the transactions agreed upon when accounting for the resulting transactions. The partnership agreement generally includes the following aspects :d) a partner who, for the purposes of the business, makes payments or advances beyond the amount of capital he has agreed to, is entitled to an interest rate equal to 6 per cent per annum; (a) a partner is not entitled to compensation to participate in the activity;


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