Tips Interlocal Agreement

Apr 132021

If you have any questions, please contact us at (866) 839-8477 or e-mail To become a member of the purchasing co-op, visit the TIPS/TAPS affiliate page. Search for your state and print the required contract and authorization forms. Fill them in and return them to TIPS/TAPS. Local Midwestern customers will find their forms below: these excellent suppliers have agreed to provide the best rates and conditions for TIPS/TAPS members and can expedite a member`s order, as all purchase requests are met during the RFP process. Your national education purchasing cooperative may have a favorite price program for all-weather synthetic race courses or the installation of a tennis court. This means that your school can save time and money by avoiding a complex, often misleading tendering process. Schools must submit both the “Interlocal Agreement” and “Board Resolution” forms. Other companies only have to submit the Interlocal Agreement form. Submission instructions on the form itself. Membership in the interlocal purchasing system is “FREE.” For offers, requests or to learn more about the TIPS contract process, please contact Kevin Scheirer at or 207.541.2200. Three good reasons: preferential prices, better value for money for each project and protection for your investment. The Texan Code 8.002 allows regional educational centres, on the instruction of the Commissioner of Education, to provide services to help school districts, colleges and universities improve student outcomes and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of school, university and university operations.

The power of these services is conferred in accordance with the Texas government code 791.001 and following, as amended. Cooperative Purchasing Services will be extended to all authorities in the state of Texas, the city and the county. Membership is free for all public agencies, private and public schools, universities, universities, municipal and regional authorities and others for profits. Download the documents required by your entity and send them to TIPS/TAPS for membership. With this contract vehicle, we can offer our full complement to consulting services, including: To learn more about preferred prices and approved supplier relationships, call your state purchasing co-operative or contact MAC. We`ll be happy to help you find the best resources for your project. The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS) purchases co-ops that can be used by all public and private schools, universities, cities, counties and other public administrations. All contracts under the TIPS/TAPS program were awarded under the competitively Bid procedure and were awarded by the TIPS/TAPS Board of Directors.


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