What Is Bell Agreement

Apr 152021

G1.2 Bell MTS may change these terms and conditions within at least 30 days before the change date or at another time, as applicable. Bell MTS will inform you in writing, with a reasonable method to draw your attention, as on bellmts.ca, on your bill, by email or text message. Bell MTS will only change the terms and conditions in accordance with existing legislation. By not taking action, you accept changes. If you use your hardware in or near another mobile operator, roaming charges may be charged to you based on the current roaming service agreement between Bell MTS and the other network operator. It is assumed that you have assumed responsibility for the payment of these fees, including the purchase of data cards that will be provided to you, and you accept all restrictions on the rules of liability that comply with this use. Your hardware may not be able to walk internationally unless you ask Bell MTS to activate this feature, and Bell MTS agrees to do so and you purchase a data passport. You agree that you are not a third party to an agreement between Bell MTS and another airline and that these other airlines have no legal, fair or other responsibility for you. Bell MTS reserves the right to temporarily or permanently remove roaming services in another airline`s service area for any reason. (The occurrence of such a restriction is usually due to fraudulent activity within the carrier`s watershed.) The roaming function depends on the availability of the service in another area. These terms of use, Bell`s privacy policy and other documents discussed here represent the entirety of the agreement between Bell and you regarding your use of this site.

Bell`s failure to strictly enforce or enforce a provision of these Terms of Use should not be construed as a waiver of a provision or right. If one of the terms of use is found to be null, invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, that finding does not affect the other provisions of those provisions. The parties requested that these terms of use and all related documents be written in English. The parties requested that this agreement and all related documents be written in English.


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