Sep 192021

Thank you for the provision of equipment for the Community Archiving Workshop (CAW). At the CAW committee, we are all very grateful for your generosity. This is an agreement that ensures that we handle and secure your equipment safely while it is in our possession. Below you will find our guarantees for you: 1. Definitions and interpretation 2. Concept 3. Delivery and collection 4. Fees and payment 5. Title and risk 6. Insurance 7. Training 8. Obligations of the company 9. Obligations of the owner 10.

Breakdown and repair 11. Termination 12. Data protection 13. Liability 14. Exemption 15. Type of agreement 16. Force majeure 17. Communications and service 18. Applicable law and jurisdiction Ladies and Gentlemen [Generous Organization / Institution Loan Equipment], Equipment ContractCommunity Archiving Workshop – [City] All other provisions provided by the organization at the time of departure.


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