Sep 202021

In consideration for its activity as the shipper`s representative, Country Attic Treasures LLC retains 20% of the final sale price as a commission on items sold. Depending on the value of the weapon, this figure drops to 10% due to the high value of the weapon, we sink a lot of fine firearms. Weapons that are not sold within three months may be removed from the inventory for sale and asked the sender to retrieve the item. If the item is not picked up by the sender within 3 months of the corresponding request or if we are unable to contact the sender within 12 months from the date of the original shipping contract, the sender thus waives ownership and all ownership rights of this item and authorizes the assignment of the item in any way: deemed appropriate by Country Attic Treasures. Each firearm returned to the shipper requires that a FEDERAL Form 4473 and a substantive examination be completed. The items listed on this sheet are sent by the signed sender to Country Attic Treasures LLC (recipient) for sale. The shipper certifies that he is the rightful owner or that he is authorized by the owner to sell the goods. The shipper warrants that the items listed are free from defects and operate at 100%, unless there is usual wear. Payments to the sender are made within ten days from the date of sale of the item….


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