Sep 232021

The ramp up phase began on October 1, 2013 for 30 months. The agreed budget for this period amounted to €72.5 million, of which €54 million was provided by the European Union. Part of the corresponding grant agreement continued until January 2017 to complete a public procurement procedure for supercomputers. 113 partners from 18 European countries participated in the Ramp Up Phase Grant. 12 other research institutes participated in the project without funding, including seven from outside Europe. These came from Canada, the United States and Japan. For more details, see the FACT fact sheet on the start-up phase on the CORDIS portal. Today`s agreement will enable the Commission to support BPH by 2020 as part of the EU`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project involves more than 400 researchers from 24 countries across Europe. The total budget of the HBP is €1 billion. Eur on a ten-year market (2013-2023), with the support of the Commission and other partners, including Universities, Industries and Member States` own programmes.

Fenix Consortium Partner ETH Zurich/CSCS e-infrastructure enabling nine projects from Human Brain Project Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagships are visionary, large-scale, science-intensive research initiatives that address scientific and technological challenges beyond scientific disciplines. These flagships create synergies between national and European research agendas, strengthen cooperation and efficiency and help overcome fragmented and dispersed research in Europe. The two FET flagships selected in 2013 – Human Brain Project and Graphen – will have a transformative influence on science and technology. The European Commission supports ambitious projects with the potential to achieve significant long-term returns The Human Brain Project is a flagship product of fet around a core project and partner projects. The initial objectives and structure of the HBP core project were set out in a report to the European Commission published in April 2012. The key project is supported by successive EU grant agreements and implemented at different stages. The first started in October 2013 under the EU`s 7th Framework Programme for R&D (FP7). On 30 October 2015, the overall plan and roadmap for the project were adopted and the Framework Partnership Agreement for the Human Brains Project was signed to cover flagship implementation under the EU`s 8th Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP8), also known as Horizon 2020. Each grant under this Framework Programme is referred to as a Specific Grant Agreement (SGA). The FPA agreement signed today also strengthens the HBP governance structure and the role of cognitive neuroscience in the project. During the summer of 2014, members of the neuroscientific community expressed concerns about the scientific scope and governance of BPH, as outlined in the projects for the next phase of the project.

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