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The next release will be known as Longshot AI.  As expected, it’ll have more advanced AI behaviors than in the original Kongregate release.


  • Better and specialized AI, specialized to the type of ship to allow group performance
  • A few more advanced maneuvers
  • Engineers
  • Turrets, built by engineers

Current Roadmap:

  • 6 new ships, 3 per side
  • Improved sound environment
  • A few more gun variations
  • cloaking device (ship attachment, requires battery attachment)
  • radar jammer (ship attachment, requires battery attachment)
  • Sensor Towers (built by engineers)
  • Platforms (built by engineers to replace destroyed asteroids)
  • Proximity Mines (placed by engineers on asteroids)
  • Extra game features for scoring etc antivirus programm kostenlosen vollversion 2020.
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