The Longshot Universe will be the final, fully realized Longshot release.  Where Longshot AI takes place in a single sector, Longshot Universe will have many different sectors available to fight in, with a wider variety of goals to fight for ets2 kostenlosen.

Current Roadmap

  • Custom Ships – You will be able to build your ship from scratch using parts scavenged from combat or purchased from the trade broker word download kostenlos vollversion windows 10.  The ship designer will let you place wings, guns and other parts wherever and however you’d like on the base chasis.  Different parts will allow different capabilities to the ship file from link.  You’ll be able to build a ship to fit your style of flying
  • The Lounge – The lounge will be the central hub where Mercs gather.  It’ll have a starmap showing where the combat is happening children's audiobooks mp3 download for free.  A bounty board to show who has the largest bounty on their head and where they are currently fighting.  A kill board to show the hottest pilots.  And of course a chat room and the trade broker wo kann man software kostenlos downloaden.
  • Star bases – Glorified garages.  These will not only protect your collection of ships, they will allow you to design and manufacture new parts herunterladen.  But you must protect them, placing a bounty on protection and building in defenses against the dirty mercs turns pirate.
  • AI Companions – If one ship isn’t enough, take two into battle music for free chip.  If you don’t have or don’t want to make friends, you can always buy an AI Core to pilot that second ship.  These will be intelligent wingmen who can fly with you, or fly to collect bounties when you’re not around films herunterladen.
  • Combat – Jump into any dispute on either side, depending on who pays better.  Some fights will just be over territory out in the middle of space minecraft kostenlos herunterladen handy android.  But sometimes someone might decide to turn pirate and raid a player’s base.  Protect the base if it’s bounty is high enough, or if he’s a friend gta 5 kostenlos herunterladen für laptop.  Or jump in with the raiders and pillage the manufacturing goods.
  • Alien Invasion – Occasionally filtering into the starmap in the lounge, barely heard beneath the noise of the fights bubbling up and fizzling out all the time, there will be the lone klaxon on a distant star bearing witness.  During these times, all turn aside from petty squabbles, turing to face in one direction, flying wing to wing against the hoard.  We do this or we risk annihilation.

Welcome to the Universe, Merc.  Show us what you got.